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More Than 45 Years of Combined Legal Experience in Personal Injury Cases, DWI, DUI and Workers Compensation

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Brown & Brown are known for their long-established dedication to serving their clients and communities. Their aim is to preserve and promote the best possible resolution of their clients as they seek redress for the injuries they have experienced. The firm takes pride in professionally and capably representing clients and their cases before the court system.

From its primary office located in St. Louis, Missouri, the firm serves clients in Missouri as well as in Southern Illinois. In pursuit of that representation, the firm is known to thoroughly research and prepare each case it handles. Experience has taught the attorneys how to work efficiently and properly within the justice system, using the system’s rules and procedures to the best advantage of their clients.

Areas of practice and expertise offered by the attorneys at Brown & Brown include personal injury, Transvaginal Mesh cases, workers’ compensation, auto and car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, traffic claims, DWI and DUI, wrongful death, brain injury, birth injury, spinal cord injury, dangerous drugs, nursing home abuse, and defective products.

There is no up-front fee charged for consulting about your case with Brown & Brown. Additionally, our personal injury and workers’ compensation clients never pay any money to us for legal services unless we collect a recovery for them. The qualified personal injury attorneys St. Louis at Brown and Brown look forward to working with you should you ever need legal advice.

If you are seriously injured in an accident anywhere in Missouri just dial 3’s. In Illinois, just dial 8’s. You pick the place and we’ll be there.




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