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Drug recalls occur all the time because drug companies release products that are found to be too dangerous for public use. When this happens, drug companies recall the drug in an effort to stop people from being injured.

Unfortunately, drug recalls do not solve all the problems caused by the dangerous drugs.

Thousands of individuals suffer through unneeded losses from the effects of dangerous drugs that must be recalled.

Also, drug recalls often occur months after the drug has been released to the public. This means that there are numerous chances for a drug to cause devastating side effects, even death, to any of the people taking it.

Drug recalls are usually issued in response to numerous reports of serious injury or medical problems caused by the drug.

Some of the serious health problems drug recalls aim to correct, include:

· Heart Attack
· Stroke
· Cardiovascular Problems
· Birth Defects
· Death
· Psychological Problems
· Kidney Failure
· Stevens Johnson Syndrome

Although a drug recall is something that absolutely must be done for dangerous drugs, it does not correct all the problems the drug cause. Pharmaceutical companies must be held responsible for the problems they have caused.

If you or a loved one has suffered from the effects of a recalled drug or negligent drug administration, contact the improper drug administration and drug recall attorneys at Brown & Brown Attorneys at Law. Our Drug recall attorneys will help you identify the losses you have suffered and recover compensation for those losses.