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Truck accidents are much different than regular traffic accidents. Not only can they be far more severe than a car accident or motorcycle accident, but a truck accident claim can be much more difficult because of all the different parties involved.

If you have been involved in an accident, there is a good chance that you have suffered serious injuries. Truck accidents are serious incidents, and often times they result in long lasting, severe medical problems or life changing injuries like brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. Commercial trucks are all over the road performing a variety of different tasks.

Whether it is a smaller, delivery or moving  or a huge semi-truck, an accident involving a truck can be very dangerous because of the size of vehicle involved. Commercial trucks often weigh upwards of 70,000 pounds, in comparison to a normal car, which weighs about 3,000 pounds.

Additionally, accident claims are made very difficult because they usually include multiple parties and their insurance companies. Since commercial trucks often drive through many different states, you may need to file a  claim against the trucking company, located in an entirely different state than the one in which the accident occurred.

A  accident is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with by a professional. An experienced accident attorney such as those found with the St. Louis truck accident attorneys at Brown & Brown, Attorneys at Law will work with all parties involved in the accident, including the:

· Truck Driver
· Trucking Company
· Truck Owner
· Witnesses
· Other Drivers
· Insurance Companies

If you have been involved in a accident, it is important that you contact an experienced the experienced St. Louis truck accident attorneys at Brown & Brown, Attorneys at Law to help you file your claim. A seasoned truck accident attorney from Brown & Brown Attorneys at Law will have years of experience handling all aspects of truck accident claims.

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